Paintless Pros in Omaha is the Top Rated Local® dent repair company that offers paintless dent removal (PDR) services to fix your hail damage, door dings, and collision repair services. But what exactly is paintless dent removal? In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps we take to return your car or truck to new. Contact us today!


Like some ingenious inventions of the past, such as corn flakes, penicillin, and post it notes, paintless dent repair was invented accidentally in 1960. At the International Motor Sports Show, a staff member at Mercedes was in charge of fixing any bumps, scratches, or dents caused by people looking at the cars during the day. He used a hammer to push out a small dent and realized he didn’t need to repaint it. This ordinary worker, Oskar Flaig, returned home to Germany and refined the technique, now known as PDR repair services. It made its way to the United States in 1983.


  • Assess the damage. Most minor dents from hail damage or from common, everyday accidental bumpings can be repaired by PDR. We carefully check your entire vehicle for damage, and then we’ll give you a written estimate for the work.
  • Remove panels. PDR services work from the inside out. Thus, we have to remove your door panels, tail lights, or other access points in order to fix the auto body of your car.
  • Push the dents out. Using specialized tools and precision movements, Paintless Pros in Omaha will next push your dents or bumps out back to its original position. It’s similar to massaging knots out of your body. The bump or ding is worked until it gradually is restored to new.
  • Replace paneling. Everything that was removed is now replaced, and the PDR service is done, leaving your vehicle exactly as it was before.


Traditional dent repair involves filler being added to the auto body of your car. This filler is matched as best as possible to your car, but it usually requires precise touch up paint to match your car’s color. Traditional dent repair leaves the dent as is, which can affect the structural damage of your vehicle, as well as the resale value. Paintless dent repair restores the dent to its proper place, requiring no fillers and no additional materials.


Paintless Pros in Omaha offers top-notch PDR services for your car or truck. We can fix hail damage, minor door dings, and fender benders. We take pride in our work and ensure that your vehicle is restored to better-than-new condition. Our goal is for you to not even be able to tell where your hail damage or your dent is. Through utilizing the best in technology, we are the affordable choice to auto body work. When you need a car body repair the next time a Nebraska storm hits or the next time you accidentally bang your car door, call us first today!