Hail is inevitable here in Omaha. As you have probably found out since taking ownership of your vehicle, the weather here can completely damage your car in ways that you probably thought wouldn’t happen. Luckily, you have trusted people who you can go to for all of your paintless dent repair issues, but what if you didn’t have to worry about bringing your vehicle into a shop at all because you avoided hail altogether? It would be pretty nice, wouldn’t it? That is why we have a ton of tips to help you avoid getting hail damage during our hail season. Read on so you can protect your car as much as possible!

Check The Weather
While the hail storms here can sometimes come completely out of nowhere, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t avoid them if you are paying attention to the weather outside and the weather reports in the morning. This will be one of your best bets in determining how you can protect your car during the day. Often times, our weather can be predicted down to the general time frame of when it will start. So if you are at work, you can plan to park in a well-covered area. If you are out on the road, you can make sure to time it so that you will be going by areas where you know you will be able to get to cover as soon as the hail begins to fly.

Know Where To Go
When it begins to hail, you should have a plan on what places will provide the best cover for you. Whenever you are traveling, you should know where good tree coverage, an underpass, or a gas station are so that you can get to those places quickly before others beat you to it. These will all protect your car from the worst damage that could occur. While paintless dent repair is easy on your car, if you get too much damage done, it can be really costly to repair, which is why you want to make sure that you have a plan.

A Gas Station Is Your Best Friend
If you see hail coming in the distance, then make sure that you know where the nearest gas station is located. Gas stations more often than not are completely covered where you fill-up. When you see hail coming in the distance this can be the best place to park your car to wait it out.

While there aren’t a lot of underpasses here in Omaha, if you just so happen to be by one, they can provide a lot of protection for your vehicle if a hail storm is coming. They provide a large amount of protection, and they are typically big enough to allow a lot of cars to lie under it. If you are lucky enough to be under the pass when hail happens, make sure that you are off to the side of the road with your hazards on so that other drivers are able to drive through and see you pulled over.

While trees don’t always provide complete protection, they can still provide better protection than being out in the open. A couple of branches might break off and fall onto your car when you do this, but they typically won’t be big enough or fall hard enough to hurt your vehicle. If a lightning storm is accompanying the hail storm, then it might be best to avoid trees because lightning has been known to cause trees to break and completely destroy cars.

Don’t Attempt To Move Your Car
While it can be tempting, if you are inside somewhere when a hail storm starts, don’t run out to your car to move it. While hail is typically pretty small, it sometimes gets pretty big. In our area of the country, they can even get up to golfball size; while your car will sustain a lot of damage, that can be repaired. If you were to go out and move your car in the middle of a storm you could get hit hard enough on the head that it could cause harm to yourself. Car damage is not worth getting hurt over.

Hail Isn’t Always Avoidable
While you can take all of these tips and use them, hail isn’t always avoidable. It can be unpredictable and happen at any moment throughout the day. It is not a question of it will damage your car, it is a question of when and how much damage it will cause. That is why, for all of your hail damage, Paintless Pros have you covered. Our paintless dent repair will get your car looking as close to brand new as possible. Contact us today with all of your hail damage issues!