Due to the proliferation of DIY homeowner shows and YouTube channels dedicated to flipping houses, fixing your cars, and plumber repair, many people think they can do anything themselves. While that may be the case, some things are better left to the professionals, such as snake wrangling. So how do you know if you should DIY the dents in your car from the latest hail storm?

Paintless Pros in Omaha offers the best paintless dent removal (PDR) in Omaha. From major Nebraska hail storms to minor dents in the parking lot, we can fix most minor dents and dings. In this blog post, we’ll review whether or not you should DIY your dents. Contact us today to get started!


Many places on the internet sell DIY dent removal kits, which come with all the tools you need for removing dents, such as slide hammers, puller tabs, hot glue gun, scraping tools, and instructions. Some of these DIY dent removal kits do work, but you’ll need the time, the patience, and a bit of knowledge about how your car works in order to get the job done properly. However, Paintless Pros in Omaha wants to emphasize that it’s important to be extremely careful as it is super easy to do more harm than good.

DIY dent removal kits might not work at all, or you might easily go too far and pop it out too far on the other end. DIY dent removal kits usually come with shaping tools to prevent this from happening, but without the experience or the know-how, odds are, you’re going to need to call in the professionals.


  • Use a toilet plunger. A common myth of DIY dent removal is to use a toilet plunger to remove dents from your car’s auto body. In reality, a plunger can make your dents worse, enlarging them from the suction power rather than lessening them.
  • Use dry ice. A common myth of DIY dent removal is to use dry ice to remove dents which, theoretically should cause the metal to contract and then pop out quickly. In fact, dry ice can ruin your car’s finish and can cause frostbite if it were to touch your skin. Paintless Pros in Omaha recommends never to try this method.
  • Use a hair dryer. A common myth of DIY dent removal is to remove car dents with a hair dryer. In reality, heating up your car’s finish can help to bend the metal back into place. However, a hair dryer won’t suffice, and you can leave creases in your car’s auto body as well.


It may seem like you are paying more than you should be paying for PDR services from a professional, but when you consider what’s at stake, you will actually be saving money.

  • Your car is a major investment. Your goal is to repair your car, not cause more harm to it. If you mess up a DIY dent removal repair, odds are, you’ll cause more damage, have to call a professional dent removal company anyways, and spend more money than if you would have just hired a professional in the first place.
  • It’s worth the hassle of dropping your car off. Often, professional dent repair companies, such as Paintless Pros in Omaha, have your car in and out quickly, depending on the damage. However, it can take a day or two. But when you have your car returned looking like new, it will all be worth it.

DIY can work, depending on your auto mechanic skills. However, the cons of paying a bit more money, doing further damage to your car, and maybe even risking injury is not worth the incremental increase that you pay a professional to do. Furthermore, most car insurance companies cover dent repair services. Why risk making the job worse when you can just submit it under insurance?

Professionals (no matter what the profession) know what they are doing. They do the work of PDR services day in and day out. They can tell rapidly if you are a candidate for PDR removal and can perform the job a lot quicker than you can when you constantly have to be referencing your instruction notes or watching a YouTube video repeatedly, stopping and starting it at the spots you want to. If your dents are from an automobile accident, your PDR technicians can assess if there is structural damage as well, needing more auto body work than just a simple dent removal service, and they are professionally trained in the proper techniques of dent removal services


  • Knowledge and expertise of the dent removal process
  • Determine underlying damage
  • Saves you money, especially if you DIY’ed it and messed up
  • Saves you time of learning how to do PDR repair and of actually doing it
  • Better results
  • Maintain car value
  • Can increase the longevity of car


Paintless Pros in Omaha can take the stress and the hassle of a PDR service off your shoulders. You are guaranteed to get a top-notch dent removal job, leaving your car beautiful and its value preserved. We work with all major insurance companies to ensure your hail damage is covered. Let us do the work. Contact us today!