Spring is right around the corner. This means great weather, fun activities, and a lot more traveling. While the weather can bring out a ton of positive things, it can also cause a lot of issues for your vehicle when it is on the road. While it may seem like there are a lot more risks to driving during the winter months, spring can pose just as many problems to your daily commute. 

Watch Out For Critters

With spring comes more movement. If you live in an area that is known to have a lot of animals around, it is a good idea to remain cautious of their movement throughout the day. During the spring, you often will have animals who are waking from hibernation and for many animals, mating season is in the spring. While a lot of animals may not be out near the roads during the middle of the day, it is important to look out for them during the dawn and dusk as that is when deer and other wildlife will typically be out hunting for food. 

Look Out For Potholes

The winter months can be extremely harsh on the road that your vehicle is driving on. Oftentimes, there will be a ton of potholes that were left on the road after the extreme weather conditions during the winter. A pothole can not only destroy your tires but could also destroy your suspension if it is a particularly nasty one. Make sure you are going the speed limit on roads so that you have time to avoid a pothole if you see it coming up.

Check The Tire Pressure

Throughout the winter months, you will have probably noticed that your tire pressure light came on once or twice. Fluctuations in temperature can cause fluctuations in the tire pressure as well. It is a good rule of thumb that for every 10-degree temperature change that your tire will lose or gain at least 1 PSI. Over and underinflated tires can cause a vast amount of difference in how your car will handle the road, which is why it is best to ensure that your tires are filled to the recommended level.

Wash Your Vehicle

One of the worst parts about the winter months is the toll that it takes on your vehicle’s exterior paint. Salt and dirt from the road will begin to corrode the paint if left on there for too long. While it is difficult to warrant washing your vehicle on cold days, you should immediately clean in when the weather snaps back to being warm. Doing so will get all the dirt and grime off of your paint and allow you to see if any damage was done underneath the dirt that was there. If there were any dents or dings, you can go to your paintless dent repair shop to get it repaired!

Rotate Your Winter Tires

Having two pairs of tires can be expensive, but if you have the money to keep multiple sets of wheels, then you should rotate them out come springtime. The tread on winter tires is meant to only be used in relatively slick conditions; if they aren’t used for just that, then the tread will wear down quite fast. Rotating them out will allow both your winter tires and your all-season tires to last for a little longer than normal. 

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