Welcome back to the Paintless Pros blog! Here you can find tips for keeping your car looking and running at its best for years to come. Today, we are continuing our maintenance series and talking about what you need to do to keep your car in tip-top shape for all of your summer adventures in LaVista and beyond. 

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Five Summer Maintenance Tips 

Our cars are made to sustain certain amounts of wear-and-tear while being out on the road. However, to keep our automobiles running at their best, it is important that we give them regular TLC. Each season of the year presents a variety of challenges that can cause wear as well as damage to our vehicles. Summer’s heat and often the places that summer takes us can require that we pay extra attention to certain parts of our vehicles. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle at it’s best. 

Keep It Clean & Wax It

From bird poop to gravel from roads less traveled, our cars can develop an interesting layer of crud on the top and bottom. Though these substances may seem harmless, they can actually put a lot of wear on the paint and other surfaces. Gravel and dirt can scratch the paint and bird poop can be especially corrosive. Clean your car regularly or as needed to keep these damaging substances off your car. 

Applying a wax after a wash can add another layer of protection against the heat of the sun and things like bird droppings. Be sure to get a wax done by a professional so it is applied right and you get the most out of it. 

Check On the AC

Some of us are old enough to remember cars without ACs and we never want to experience that ever again! To make sure you can stay cool even during the hottest months of summer, you should get your AC checked and needed preventive maintenance performed. It can also be a good idea to check and possibly replace your air filters. Don’t be caught without an AC during the hottest months of the year! 

Protect It From the Sun

Though our cars are made to take on the outdoor elements, the sun can eventually fade and damage our vehicle’s paint. To protect the longevity of your car’s paint, keep your car out of the sun as much as possible. Storing it in a garage, covered parking spot, or parking it in a shady spot can make a significant difference. Covering your vehicle with a tarp can also help. However, if you are someone on the go this method can feel cumbersome. Waxing your car can also provide protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays

Check On Your Tires

Though you may have checked your tires previously with our spring maintenance tips, it doesn’t hurt to check them again. The extreme temperatures of the summer can cause the heat of the pavement to reach temperatures ten or more degrees above the actual temperature outside. Also, the changes in temperature can cause changes in air pressure in your tires. Make sure your tires are at the right pressure so you don’t blow a tire while on the go during the heat of summer. 

Monitor Your Engine

The summer heat can also put extra strain on your engine and so it’s important to make sure that it is cooling properly. Refill the refrigerant and make sure it isn’t leaking. You will also want to clean it of incrustations and residues that may have built up. Set yourself and your engine up for success and make sure that it has everything it needs to run at its most efficient even on the hottest days of the year. 

Get Dings & Damage Fixed

Lastly, it is always a good idea to get dings and damage fixed. However, getting these fixed during the summer can make sure that your car looks good while you’re on-the-go during all of your summer adventures. 

When you work with Paintless Pros, we can guarantee fast turnaround times with superior outcomes so you can get back to your summer fun without worry. Our services never require body work or repainting. Learn more about our services on our website. Get a free estimate today!