Hail Damage Repair in LaVista

In this area, hailstorms are inevitable, as are the damages they have on your vehicle’s hood, trunk and roof. At Paintless Pros, our goal is bringing you a hail dent removal experience that minimizes dreaded inconveniences.

Not only will we restore your vehicle to it’s prior state; we will complete a comprehensive assessment and estimate towards your insurance claim, assuring your vehicle’s value stays the same.

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Investing in hail damage can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s never been more important than it is nowadays. New cars are becoming a real asset lately and it’s important that you keep your car in good shape as it ages. New vehicles are now estimated to last closer to 300,000 miles than 200,000, which means that keeping your car looking good for longer will be a bit more difficult but it also means that the value of it doesn’t dip so drastically after you drive it off the lot. With so much life left in a vehicle even after the first decade you’ve owned it, you could sell a used vehicle for much more than you used to.

However, selling a used car is far different than buying a new one. When purchasing a new vehicle, the buyer expects no damage, obviously, but so too does a used-car buyer. You can fetch a bigger, better price for a vehicle that’s been kept in immaculate condition than you would for one with its seams fraying. 

That being said, you can’t control the weather. So if you get caught in a hail storm, don’t panic. You’ve got PDR in LaVista to keep the value of your car up via seamless dent repair services.